Value-based care survey

Physicians and executives give practical feedback from the
front lines.

To assist in your transition to VBC, learn new findings from your colleagues who are experiencing its various challenges and opportunities.


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Progress made, but challenges remain

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How Vatica helps providers thrive in value-based care


Risk adjustment optimization

Payers and providers leverage our integrated technology suite and dedicated clinicians to optimize risk adjustment processes and more accurately code and document patients' health conditions, ensuring appropriate reimbursement and revenue maximization.


Quality of care improvement

Working with innovative technology and expert clinical teams to identify open care gaps, providers can enhance the overall quality of care, leading to improved patient outcomes and potential financial incentives.


Point of care efficiency

By streamlining workflows, facilitating communication among care teams, and leveraging data analytics, providers can enhance the efficiency of patient care delivery, leading to better outcomes and potentially reducing overall healthcare costs.

Making a difference for providers
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Using Vatica has helped immensely with our quality program and identifying gaps in care. We’ve seen an improvement to risk adjustment accuracy of more than 10%.”

– Richard Charles, MD, General Physician PC, New York